“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue it.” – Walt Disney

As a child, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. Fast forward. After taking up Biology (pre med), my career as a teacher took off instead. I just could not afford to go med school. So I decided to stick to teaching for four and half years. It was fun yet challenging. But mine was a bit dramatic. Indeed a roller coaster ride. I had the best time inside the classroom but had the worst outside. In my heart, I’ve always known that I will not last in this profession, in this university. And that my ultimate dream remains to be fulfilled.

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I don’t want to live a life full of regrets or what ifs. That would be a tragedy. So when the window of opportunity for my dream finally opened, I grabbed it. I fought for it. I prayed hard for it. And I let go of all my fears and doubts and decided to reach that nearly impossible dream. I know it is going to be more difficult and challenging. A lot of hard work is expected. But I am ready, I have to be. Because I am finally happy with the road that I am taking, the life I am living.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

The classes will start this June 2014 but my journey to this life-long dream has started late last year. I do find the process difficult and challenging since applying to med school is one of the most competitive. Hard work and determination is simply the key. From NMAT to the actual process of applying to interview – – tiring and lots of waiting. 

But it’s worth it.



May the light of the Lord shine through and help me achieve this dream. After all, He is the way, the truth and the life. Cheers to our dreams!

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I am…

Visiting my blog religiously whenever I am online has always been the highlight of my day. Even though I don’t often get comments or traffics but I find pleasure in browsing everything I have written on that particular moment. Very nostalgic indeed.

I also observed that most of my entries were about past experiences, feelings and emotions that I went through. I seldom share anything that would reflect me as a person – my favorites, likes, aspirations and even what people say about me. So right now, I would just looooove to do it!

So here it goes:

I love to watch television. Television is my window to the world. I grew up watching the news, travel shows, music channels, game shows, documentaries, reality shows, cooking shows, cartoons and movies. Literally everything. I surf and surf and surf channels until I stumble upon something that would interest me. TV has become one of my biggest influences. I can go on and on about my love for this invention, but I might as well stop now. So much love for TV.

(Some)My Fave TV Shows:

I love to read. My love for reading started when I was in grade school but it was further nourished during my high school days. I used to read Hardy Boys and comic strips when I was a youngster. But when I stepped into teen’s world, I went for romance novels such as Sweet Valley Series, Mill&Boons pocketbooks and others. Then I started reading serious novels such as Sidney Sheldon (I have read all his novels) and the Godfather. From then on, I just couldn’t stop reading. I literally read every day, either paperback or ebooks. I read to keep me sane and happy. Books are my best friends. They comfort me, teach me and stay with me forever.

My Humble Book Collection:

I like to write. My outlet. I am not ‘writer’, really. But I just like to write. For me it is the best venue to voice out my opinions and feelings on a particular matter. I am not really good with words nor do I have creative juices. I write because I just want to – that’s why I have my own blog (this one) and a carry-on journal that I have with me all the time. So whenever I feel down or extremely happy, I have a ready diary to keep me on track! FYI. It kinda feels good to browse through my past entries. Fun, indeed.

I love to eat (but I can’t cook). I grew up in a household who cooks all the time. My parents used to feed dozens of boarders in our home. I always see them cooking and serving food to them. Variety of food was magically produced in our kitchen. It was an organized chaos. Very fascinating. Thus, we often eat delicious home-cooked meals every time. But the sad part was that I never learned to do it. I just love to eat. My faves are: lumpia shanghai, sinigang, mechado, vegetables, pancakes, chicken adobo and a lot more!Yum!

I am ‘kinda/sort-of’ antisocial. Oh well, I have been hearing this comment all my life. I would not really say that I am ‘antisocial’, I am more of introvert and shy. I don’t go out much unless there’s a need. I don’t like strolling in a densely populated area. It suffocates me. I am more of a home buddy, just staying home and contemplating is more of my cup of tea.  I don’t know, but I just don’t enjoy crowd.  It’s noisy and it’s messy. I like seclusion and serenity. But don’t get me wrong, I can stand chaos, I even lived in the Metropolis for quite awhile but I just don’t like it. Weird? – I don’t mind, it’s who I am.

I don’t pretend. Pretensions. Huh! I hate it. I want people to know who I am. If they don’t accept me, then that’s their prerogative. Most of my life, I have a notion of someone who isn’t me. I’ve always wanted to be someone else. Then one day, I just woke up and reality sank in. I can never be those people, I can only be me. That’s the time I started to love my self – short, brown, has many weaknesses but also has strengths. Loving every bit of it. PS: I also hate people who pretend, please, be real!

I don’t like to insist myself. There are many instances in my life when I got rejected. Not really accepted by many. It stung like hell but now, I have already overcome it. In fact, I got used to it. Of course, now I understand that not all will like us. The sad reality. Thus, if I wasn’t welcome, I accept it and that I would never insist myself. Plain and simple. Let me share my fave quote on that –

My FAITH is EVERYTHING. These past months had been one of the most challenging time for me. I really had to go through a lot. But I never gave up and I will never give up! And that is all because of my FAITH. My faith — that everything will be okay and that God will never leave me. All of these obstacles are just tests to keep me stronger and wiser. No matter what, I am keeping my faith, it’s everything to me.

Oh well. That’s it for now. I still have a lot of things to tell but it’s time stop myself. I am being narcissistic right now which I also loath. I am just happy to finally blog about this, I also rediscover a couple of things about myself. Whew, this was fun! I’m totally gonna do this again!Next time!=)

the year that was

Before I become too excited or optimistic about this coming 2012, I just want to share first the highlight of my 2011. The past year has truly been a challenging and colorful year for me. It has its highs and lows but nonetheless it has been a great learning experience for me. Let me share with you the ‘moments’ that made my 2011 an unforgettable year.

My Cebu and Bohol Escapade (April)

Friends from work and I decided to have a little getaway in the beautiful islands of Cebu and Bohol. We spent six days of touring, eating, and simply having a great time. The experience was more extraordinary for me because it was my first time to ride in the airplane – it was just so exciting! I promise to blog more about that trip as soon as I got all the pictures from my friend and fellow traveler.=)

Magellan's Cross in Cebu

the famous Chocolate Hills

dinner with fellow travelers and friends

Living in the Metro (June – November)

After leaving my old job, I immediately packed my bags and headed for the big city. It’s always been a dream for me to live on my own (not really, because my sister was with me) and experience different things such as – renting an apartment, doing odd jobs, suffering from the pollution, commuting by means of different transportations (jeep, bus, train) and having a totally independent life. Living there has been the one of the most challenging yet fun experience in my entire existence. It was chaotic however I learned a lot. I was just so proud of my self – from a ‘probinsyana’ who knows nothing being in the urban jungle to a ‘still probinsyana’ who knows Manila at the back of her hand. Thanks Metro, you have been really good to me (and to my sister) – I learned a lot from you, till next time!

My Sister’s Vacay (September)

Definitely the best moment of my year!  My eldest sister with her British hubby visited us here in the Philippines. I have no idea how much I missed my sister till she got back for a twenty-day vacation. My entire family is just overjoyed. We spent all the time we have with them and just enjoyed every moment that there is. Now, she was back in UK working, being a good wife and most probably planning her next vacation here in 2013. Excited already! Can’t wait to see her again!

Puerto Gallera (September)

Another big trip for me! I got the chance to go to the beautiful island of Puerto Gallera in Mindoro for a teambuilding activity of my previous company. I admit I was not a big fan of beaches and seas because I can’t swim and I easily got scared of big waves drowning me. And this trip just did that except for the drowning part. Oh well. Travelling to the island with a storm underway was not a good idea but the team decided to push through so we were literally fighting off the biggest waves I have ever seen just to get to the main land. I was so frightened but thank God we were able to reach our destination safely. It was truly an unforgettable trip.

Puerto Gallera is located on the north shore of Mindoro Island. And even though getting in this island was a bit scary for me, still, I was able to enjoy myself and just had a great time in the company of my friends in this picturesque place.

with friends

Meeting the Dutch-es (October)

It seems weird, but I do have a fascination with foreigners. When I was a child, I thought they were aliens because they have a totally different features compare to us Filipinos. So every time I see one, I tend to stare and really observe them. I know, it’s weird. But just this year, I got the chance to work closely with them. Really close. This brand of foreigners is Dutch from the Netherlands. Having them around was another learning experience for me. They are like my window to their country – I just learned a lot from them – their culture, food, language, personality.  And the most surprising thing is – they all became my friends. Really friends. And now, they are no longer aliens to me, they are normal human beings –humble, modest, frank, honest, true and fascinating indeed.

Going Back Home (November till now)

After thinking about it for the longest time, I decided to come back home with a promise of a better future. I went back with a heavy heart because I am leaving my baby sister alone and the life we have in the metro. Also, I am going to miss my new friends that I have gained during my stay there. But it was a decision I have made and thought about very careful and thoroughly. Thus I am back home, living again in our old rustic house and also working in my old job (as a part-timer teacher). Till now, I am not sure if I have made the right decision; however, I am here now thus I am just making the most out of it. I am just hoping things will somehow be brighter for me here. I’m crossing my fingers.

That was it. The year that was. Like I said, it was totally challenging yet extraordinary. Thank you 2011. And now, I am so much looking forward for all the positive things to come in 2012. Carpe diem!

what’s with today

Today is just any other day.I woke up late (around 11 am, in my defense I slept really late the other night), I watched 2 movies this afternoon (Shanghai Knights and Love.Wedding.Marriage) and then I slept again and woke up around dinner time.I’m such a slob!And the worst part is that I always make excuses about it.I don’t know when it happened. It just happened. Probably because of this or maybe that. I’m not sure anymore. But the only thing I’m sure of is that I want it to END!And I’m gonna make it happen.Starting TODAY. That’s why TODAY is darn important!Today and now is time for change. And I am glad.

Interview. The dreaded second part interview for the job I am applying is going to happen this morning. I may have a slim chance of getting that job but I am pretty sure that I have done my best and continue to do my best.I  have prepared for it and most importantly I have prayed for it. But at the end of the day, it’s His will that shall prevail.I am ready whatever the outcome.As my principle says, ‘if it’s meant to be it will happen’. Good luck to me!

Family. Being broke this holiday taught me that money is good but it is NOT the most important. There is one far greater than that — it’s family.And with them you can never go wrong. They will ALWAYS gonna be there. No matter what. And starting today, I wanna start being a better daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and niece to each and every member of my family. I will try my best-est to be the family member that they deserve.Ohana.

Blog. This blog has been my best friend for the past month. There are things that I can write here that I find it hard to tell my friends. And for the past months, I have been neglecting it. I don’t try hard enough to work on it. I always slack. So dear blog, don’t worry I am gonna take care of you!i won’t take for granted. That is a promise.

Reconnect. Because of this holiday, reunions with old classmates and friends are just around the corner. And since, I am such a buzz kill there’s a big chance that I wont attend any of those. However, I am reconnecting again with the people that are dear to me. My best friend that I agreed to me meet TODAY. We haven’t seen each other for 7 months, and I miss her terribly. We have alot of catching up to do. I’m just excited.

Let me just say i’m glad that I have realized a lot of things TODAY. Let me end this article by quoting Mark Twain, ” Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen TODAY.” So true. Let your today be a life changer.


smile emoticonloren

ate’s vacay

It’s been two years since my eldest sister decided to get married and left for England. I miss her terribly. We may not meet eye to eye on certain things, but I can say that we’re pretty much close. She basically knows everything that’s going on in my life because I can tell her anything. She is such a protector and defender to me as well as to my other siblings (kuya and yhan). So when she migrated to Scunthorpe, England to marry Kuya Nick (he’s English by the way), we’ve been constantly asking her to visit us back here in the Philippines. And after two years our wished was granted (oh boy, time really flies fast!); she decided to come home for 20 days. My entire family (including my extended relatives) is just overjoyed!

When she came back with Kuya Nick, my sister Yhan and I are working here in Manila so it was difficult for us spend time with them since they opted to stay in our hometown in Legazpi. So before her actual arrival, we decided to take a short trip to Legazpi to welcome her, spend time with her, talk to her about her life there (although we constantly chat and text each other) and of course, to get our pasalubong!hehe. Though it was only a two-day stay at our home, my Ate is so sweet that before she goes back to England she spent her last four days here in the Philippines with us. So we stayed in their hotel and spend time with them talking, eating, walking and shopping. I just absorbed every moment with them because I know it will take another two years before they return here in the Philippines. Thus, when the time came when they need to go back, I was just so sad. Terribly sad. I have been crying on the car–that’s why my sister Yhan and I decided not to go to the airport anymore, we just when straight back to our apartment. Their flight was at 11 in the morning and at that time I was in our rooftop, saying goodbye to all the airplanes that I can see, maybe because I knew my Ate and Kuya Nick could be there.

I know there’s really no need to be sad. It has always been my sister’s dream to live abroad, and now she was living that dream with the love of her life. She may be thousands of miles away from us, but we often remind her that we are just here for her whenever she felt sad or her day didn’t go well. We are just one text message/phone call/facebook message away. And that we are family, through and through.

Let me share the fun memories that we had during her stay. Some were taken in Legazpi with the other members of our family. Others are here in Manila with us! Enjoy! Love you sis! Can’t wait for your next visit!


First time experience for Yhan: Airplane!

This is the first time for yhan to ride an airplane. I just can feel her excitement for this flight. The sad part was that we were seated on the back portion of the plane. The one without any window, so she couldn’t see any clouds or whatsoever. Too bad. But don’t worry Yhan-ie, there still plenty of chance in the future especially now that you are earning your own dime!

Hotel experience!

We stayed in a hotel for 3 nights and four days! I just love staying in the hotel! I felt like a heiress.hahaha!


First time to experience Starbucks! –the coffee and cakes are just heaven!


Lunch date with my beautiful cousin Ate Cha! Before that, we had a little shopping in Kultura for my sister’s pasalubong (for her in-laws!)

Pictures!Pictures!Pictures! — the moments captured while we spend time with them!

life at tp

soon after leaving my former job.i found a home in teleperformance.a call center job.it may be a downgrade from what i used to do — both in terms of the nature of the work and the salary.but i didn’t mind.i just needed a job.desperately.or else i will starve here in the metro.and God is indeed good.in less than a week of staying in manila, i have started work in this company.they have been good to me.a newly jobless person, new in the city and running out of cash.

my first day at work is also the first day of class from my former life as a teacher.you can just imagine how i felt during those times.miserable.completely missing everything.but i had to be strong.this is the decision i made.

being an agent is a tough job.now i know.its not simple as knowing how to speak in english.it takes a lot to be there talking to the customer–making sure that we are delivering the services they called for and at the same time doing it with smile on her faces and charm in our voices even though they can’t see us.our training was very challenging.it was demanding, stressful yet looking back now–it was fun as well.

from the: US101(knowing the culture of our foreign customers) to the product training and then the dreadful 2 week intra-nesting.intranesting actually means taking actual calls fresh from 1 month training.you were probably wondering why it takes much time for the product training.one answer.its very complicated.

its not what you read or what others told you that we’re just gonna read script to the customer.far from it.we were taught how to handle all the issues a customer can ever encounter with our product (by the way, i handled a mobile company).

during those times, we always (as in everyday) have assessments which we call certifications wherein we’llhave mock calls with our trainer (that will be the overnice sir chris), other sups and tenured agents.it was nerve wracking.because they’ll pretend to be irate customers then they’ll give us grades after the test.and i’m pretty happy with all the results that i had during all those assessments.

and the shift was graveyard.from 9pm til 6am the following day. i have no problem with this time.because im nocturnal by nature so it works for me.and the good thing about this shift is that you wont encounter the  terrible manila traffic and pollution.i always ride the mrt(train) so it gives me a general view of the metro both at night and early morning.and from the metro, i need still need to walk for about 10 to 15 minutes til i reach the office building.and those walk are my favorites.im always alone walking at night where im in my pensive mood and i’m with my tropa (friends) during mornings where its noisy and chatty while eating our taho or hotdogs or drinking our coffees until we part ways at the mrt.it was a good memory.

and the best part of being in tp, i met new sets of friends who accepts me without really knowing everything about me.they’re just ready to embrace me as i am and im also ready to make them part of my new life.we had bonded together in so many ways.eating in and out of the office.chatting everytime we have a chance so we’ll get to know each other more.and laughing together in all the silliness that we made that day.they are special to me.they make me a new person without really changing who i am.moving on from my previous life makes it easier because of them.because of tp.

but i had to leave.i can never be like those dedicated agents that i see ‘upstrairs'(prod floor).its not me.i can never be happy with this job.not because of pride or whatsoever.its just too hard for me.the demand to an agent is waaaaay too much for me.that i can’t handle.and i accept defeat.

though, i may not be part of that family anymore but in my heart i know i will always be.that’s because of the friends that i met there.they make me forget how lonely life can be especially if you’re away from home.they make me smile even when things are not doing well and above all, they accept me for who i am.that i am forever grateful for.

i miss them terribly (ate lee,lavie,mitch,jordaine,kuya amithy,melvs,jeff,gege,ralf,dave,cj,bea and sir chris!).

thanks alot guys.


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tribute to steve jobs

A salute to Steve Jobs

years before he died, I am already a big fan of steve jobs.i personally blog about him way way back.i am just amazed by — his vision.his story.his challenges.his triumps.and his contribution to the world.probably most of you would say that iphones and mac computers are his greatest achievements.but for me it’s Pixar!the  studio that  gave us  Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, Monsters Inc, The Bugs Life among others.

Mr Jobs.you have indeed done a great job.and we thank you for that.your legacy will never be forgotten.you made our world a better place to live.May you rest in peace.